Big Axe Marathon League


Sunday, October 8th starting at 11am!

$100 per person. If you are already participating in a regular season league play. Then you are eligible for 50% off the marathon league and will be provided a promo code to use.

Marathon leagues are all the fun of a full 8 week league packed into a single day! A marathon league is a great way to improve your game or to try out something new, like big axe! A big axe league runs similar to a regular season with the exception of fewer throws per match, 5 throws per match as opposed to 10.  You will be required to throw a WATL approved BIG AXE (see WATL site for axe specifications) and you must have your own big axe to participate, house axes will not be provided. We sell big axes in house or check out the WATL website to order your own.

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